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Why online Matrimony?  marry me

Our modern world serves us up with millions of ways to meet new people: you can sign up for a gym class, travel on holiday, go out with friends, try a new sport, learn a new instrument, or take up a new hobby. All these activities are ways for us to get to know new individuals, keep us active and expand our circle of friends. But just as our options increase as we get older, our free time typically decreases. People are spending more and more time working long hours and find it harder and harder to start new activities and meet new people in the little leisure time they have. The fact that more and more people are working in front of a computer than ever before has not only changed our social lives, but has also changed our dating habits. All this considered, online dating combines the best parts of the old way of dating with new ones that can make our dating lives more convenient and truly successful. Here are just some of the pluses:

  1. You have endless privacy options, allowing you to make an authentic selection
  2. It encourages honesty - people are more open with their emotional needs
  3. Gives instant access to countless partners all over the world
  4. You are not forced to talk to someone you are not interested in and can block any unwanted communication
  5. You are free to flirt outrageously
  6. You can leave your shyness at the door

Is online dating safe?

Here are five good reasons why online dating is safe:

1. It's anonymous

While the end goal is to get to know someone new, the online dating process allows you to remain relatively anonymous until you decide you’re definitely interested. This means that your personal information is safe, and your personal life remains your personal life until you’re ready to open up. The fact is that the vast majority of online dating users are genuine people just like you, perhaps too busy or too shy to look for love through the traditional methods. Online dating opens a whole new world of love to them and you. And while you find your feet, taking your time to check out the talent, no one has to even know you are there, until you want them to.

2. You decide who you talk to and who talks to you

Most internet dating sites now come with an in-built feature that allows you to block mails from unwanted admirers. Should anyone every make you uncomfortable at any time, you may block them from contacting you forever. In addition, you decide who you want to contact and who you want to be in touch with. There’s no pressure to sit and have a full meal or a long conversation with anyone you’re not interested in.

3. You get to see a photo before you meet

No matter how evolved we like to think we are, 95% of us based our opinions of people on first impressions. And while many believe that making any judgment based on someone’s appearance is superficial, there is a lot you can learn about someone from their profile headshot. A sparkle in someone’s eyes, a soft kindness in their face, or a hard toughness that can be attractive. It can be nice and calming to be able to catch a glance at the face of the person you might end up dating.

4. You get to relax and rely on your senses

Contrary to popular belief, online dating is an intimate experience. The user i.e. you, get to spend some alone time with yourself and think about what you really want from a date or relationship. Instead of the pressure of meeting someone in a bar where you have to look great, say all the right things, etc, online dating you can do in your pajamas while eating cereal. This gives you the chance to relax, to really listen to what people are saying, to take your time getting know individuals that catch your attention, and most importantly, to really be yourself.marry me.mu

5. Millions of people can't be wrong

Online dating is an industry that has mushroomed in the last five years. Every day millions of people are logging on and finding love. If online dating didn't work, they wouldn't do this. But they do. And every day, new members sign up. The cycle of love continues. Have you logged on yet?


Tips for Successful Online Dating

1. Taking a good photo

This seems like an obvious one, and yet so many get it wrong. Considering that we nearly all have digital cameras these days and if you don't, you have one on your phone, it shouldn’t be too difficult t to go home, wash your face, brush your hair and ask a friend to take a photo. It's much better if you don't take the photo yourself as most have a tendency to hold the camera at an optimal angle with optimal lighting. So, don't be afraid to ask a friend to help. You may even consider going to a professional for a truly flattering headshot. Don’t feel as though this isn’t worth the time. Remember, this is your romantic future.

2. Think about your description

It is surprisingly important to have a noticeable profile headline and description. Although many are tempted to leave these blank, to avoid summing themselves up in a simple tagline or single sentence, it’s essential that you provide some window into your personality. Leaving it blank, or writing something too generic will lead to other members passing you by. If you have serious concerns about privacy, or want to express your naturally shy character, than consider a tag line similar to the examples below:
I only pass on personal info to those who catch my attention
I'm too shy to tell all; I'm waiting to tell you.
Headlines like these do keep you in the control seat and may even add a touch of mystery.

3. Be honest but use your discretion

Although it's very important to be honest about what you are looking for from a partner, it's not necessary to divulge every bit of info about yourself all at once. Allow them to ask about you and take their time learning about you slowly so that you can build a relationship. Once you feel you’ve found someone you really enjoy communicating with, then feel free to dive head-in.

4. Take it seriously if you are serious about finding love

A wise man once said that if you believe you can, you can, but if you believe you can't, you can't. The same applies to online dating. If you are singing up simply to please friends and family, if you aren’t truly committed to using it as a tool to help you find a compatible match, and if you still believe you’re a lost cause for love, than chances are, you most likely won’t get much out of your dating experience. Do your best to give it a serious chance. Put some energy into your profile and some consideration into your search. Statistics already show that those who do, frequently find success.